11" x 14"


16 two-color illustrations


Memory Verses


Teaching Activities


"He who has My commandments and keeps them...loves me..." John 14:21

a picture of the Lord Jesus
(Exodus Part IV)


By Arlene Piepgrass & Katherine E. Hershey

Artist: Vernon Henkel


Lesson 1: GOD'S COMMANDS FOR HOLY LIVING - By obeying God the Israelites would receive His blessings, God's laws for Israel's worship, God's law for Israel's family life, God's laws for Israel's daily living.


Lesson 2: GOD FORBIDS IDOLATRY - Idolatry of the people, God's people dare not worship false gods, Moses prays for the sinful Israelites, God again gives His promises to His people.


Lesson 3: THE WAY OF APPROACH TO GOD- Moses returns to the camp, Moses and his message, Response of the people, The court and the gate.


Lesson 4: GOD'S WILLINGNESS TO BE WITH HIS PEOPLE- The brazen altar, The offerings, The Lord Jesus Christ the Lamb of God, The laver the place of cleansing.



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