The Children's Bible Club 
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Reaching Boys and Girls With the Good News 
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Weekly Radio Broadcasts with children's singing, Bible quizzes and fun, and always a special story by Aunt Carolyn. 

To hear one of these exciting broadcasts, click on the story title below. "Enjoy!"

David Anointed The Pool of Bethesda Mortimer David and Mephibosheth First Sin
The Lady Gets Her House The Widows Oil Solomon's Wisdom The Sun Stood Still A Pouting King
Rahab and the Spies Temptations of Christ Bunyan's Story Appointment With Death Ehud's Victory
A Still Small Voice Hook & Bridle Joseph, Part I Joseph, Part II Joseph, Part III
Steamship Prayer Jesus & The Fisherman Change Of Command Summer Fun Expedient For You
Bartimaeus The Maverick Gators Samuel Elijah Raises The Widow's Son
Gadarine Demoniac The Prodigal Son Esther Becomes Queen The Marriage Feast 102 Dead Men
Feeding Of The 4000 Twice Owned Boat Snowflake David Moves The Ark The Nobleman's Story
The John 3:16 House Peter's Deliverance Spook Foolish Frog Deborah & Barak
Gideon's Call Gideon's 300 One Little Lamb Tattle Tale Achan's Sin
The New Well Feeding Of The 5000 Jarius' Daughter Old Bumper The Red Bike
Rahab Zacchaeus The River Dragon Lilacs & Sage, Part I Lilacs & Sage, Part II
Frederick The Great The Barn Door Hard Earned Badges The Battle Of Jericho The Little Skylark
Casey And The Westbound Jacob At Bethel Micah's Goods Four Lepers Of Samaria Bigger Barns
The Broken Teapot Nebuchadnezzar's Tree Vision David & Goliath Samson, Part I Samson, Part II
Samson, Part III The Lord's Day Wallaby Waterloo Naaman's Alliance Jehoshaphat's Alliance With Ahab
Elijah & The Meal Barrell Peter Walks On Water Rich Man & Lazarus The Manic Of Gahara Esau Sells His Birthright
The Steamship Prayer That Dog Spot The Creation Part I The Creation Part II The Creation Part III
Adam and Eve; The First Sin Happiness Lost The First Children Enoch & Seth Noah Walked With God
Noah Builds The Ark God Remembered Noah The Tower of Bable The Call of Abraham Peace Pie
Abram & Lot Part Company Abram Delivers Lot An Unwanted Baby God Visits Abraham Lots Doomed City
A Test of Love [Abraham & Isaac] A Bride for Isaac Wedding Day [Isaac and Rebecca] Tricky, Treacherous Twins Jacob Steals the Blessing
Jacob's Ladder Jacob at Haran Jacob Heads for Home Jacob Meets Esau Back to Bethel
The Favorite Son Sold into Slavery Dreamer of Dreams Charged As Spies Despair To Delight
A Joyous Reunion Help From Above Shep Too Good To Be True Lost In The Outback
Baby Afloat Spies; Faith Vs. Unbelief Rahab and The Spies Joshua Meets Captain of the Lord's Host The Conquest of Jericho
Defeat and Disaster Ambush At Ai Alliance With The Adversary