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"I'm Aunt Carolyn, of the Children's Bible Club.  I have some wonderful stories in my 'collection' for you.  They are kid delightful and teacher friendly.  They are ripe 'n ready for children to read or listen to the cd's. These books are great for teachers and children's workers to use in Sunday School, Children's Church, Junior Church, Vacation Bible School, neighborhood Bible classes, youth groups, and other evangelism.  Every exciting, inspiring story tells about the Lord Jesus Christ and His Gospel. They also teach lessons of Christian character.  Click on each picture  next to the story title below and you will see how to buy one, a dozen, or you can buy them all at our special internet price."



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 Danny and Skip lived on a farm, but when their work was done, they loved to play in the big woods. One evening, Danny decides not to heed Dad's warnings to stay away from the dangerous gorge and rapids. Will anyone hear his cries for help? Exciting illustrations. Clear Gospel message. Ages 6-12

"MRS THREADS" Can Make Anything
Dickie's grandma was an expert cookie-maker, and when Davey saw all the wonderful garments in her sewing room he exclaimed "Wow! Your grandma can make anything!" But could she really? Find out the amazing answer. Exciting illustrations. Clear Gospel message.
Ages 6-12

 Shoes Don't Run- Stevie was the fastest runner in his class, but there was no way he could run in the big track meet without any shoes! -- Until God
stepped in!  A great story in building faith and prayer. Full color illustrations.  Ages 6-12
 FIX YOUR FACE! Hattie's dark, pouting attitude becomes a family matter. A turn of events "fixes" her attitude and her face. Teaches a thankful spirit. Full color illustrations.  Ages 6-12

 The Great Ice Cream Heist! - A trip to the general store with Grandpa and a tempting treat teach Johnny a valuable Bible lesson he'll never forget! Based on a true story.  Full color illustrations.    
Ages 6-12

 The Mystery of Jenny's Hat - It's chore time again and Jenny is in for a surprise when she realizes her favorite hat is missing.  Spunky characters and full color illustrations are sure to capture children's attention. Wonderful "new birth" message. Ages 6-12.

Goose Feathers - What will happen to seven fluffy ducklings when a rain drain swallows them up? A delightful story with all the bells and whistles children love. Compelling salvation message.

Full color illustrations.    Ages 6-12

Snow Angel - "When she was good, she was very, very good, but when she was bad, she was horrid!" Through a  teacher's act of love,  a little girl begins to understand the depth of her sin and the depth of Christ's love and sacrifice.  Based on a true story. Full color illustrations

The Barn Door- Nails in the barn door remind Jimmy of his deeds.  A vivid illustration of the reality of sin and the importance of salvation. Ages 5-12. The John 3:16 House- A lonely paper boy finds a  "secret password!"  A lovely picture of salvation and what Jesus Christ can do for everyone who trusts Him.  Ages 4-12.

Casey and the Westbound -Casey faces big trouble when he disobeys.  Danger and suspense build with the oncoming train and a thousand thundering wheels.  Illustrates sin, God's love, and salvation.  Ages 4-12. 

La Casa De San Juan 3:16 - Spanish version of The John 3:16 House.  Ages 4-12.

DillyDallyDan - What's the big deal over just being a little late? Dan learns about promptness and value of time.  Salvation and Christian character. Ages 6-12

Lilacs and Sage  - Seven lovely flowers teach Amy important Christian character lessons.  Teach as a single story or divide into several short lessons.  Salvation and service.  Ages 5-12.

Dugout Daze- Baseball was Mugsy's dream. Every kid sees himself in this exciting baseball story.  Salvation, growth, and self-discipline.  Ages 7-12

The Little Skylark - The little Skylark's appetite for earthworms brings an unforgettable character lesson.  What to do in temptation.  Ages 7-12

Frederick the Great - Share the agonies of this redhead.  The object of the kid's taunts becomes their hero.  Illustration of salvation. Ages 6-12.

Lost in the Outback- The old aboriginal tracker saves a lost toddler from wild dingoes.    True story and glimpse of missions in Australia.  Challenge to salvation and service.  Ages 6-12.
Help From Above- A true story.  Julie discovers a nest of baby robins, but a hungry, slithering snake appears below.  Exciting story shows God's help from above.  Ages 4-12. The Maverick - A maverick calf goes under in the swirling flood.  A true cowboy story shows God's love for sinners.  Ages 5-12
The Adventures of HoneyBear - Curiosity sets up this playful cub for BIG trouble.  Kids love him and learn from his antics.  Ages 6-12. Murphy's Law Goes Camping -The boy's exciting camping trip turns into a nightmare, but God's Word never fails.  Prayer, faith, and witnessing.  Ages 6-12
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    Books in the "Aunt Carolyn" Collection have large 8 " X 11" color illustrations suitable for class  or individual use.  The spiral fold-back bindings make the stories easy to handle and keep the pictures in order ( no lost pictures ).  This design allows children to view the pictures in front and the teacher to refer to the story text in back while telling the story.  Children may also look at the pictures and read the text while listening to the story on compact disc.  A soft bell tone signals the page turn.  Aunt Carolyn's stories are in large demand by children's teachers and workers in Christian Schools, Sunday schools, Children's Church, Bible Clubs, Vacation Bible School, etc.