Illustrated by Franka Wear Bartus

Holland's Missing Christmas - A Visualized Story

By Rose-Mae Carvin


"There will be no Christmas Day this year! "  That was the official announcement which all Hollanders heard in 1582.  This believable, yet fictional, story of what could have happened to a young boy living in Holland that year, will captivate children while stressing the real meaning of Christmas.  Peter understands for the first time that Christ, who was very rich, became very poor so that he, Peter, could become rich (2 Corinthians 8:9).  On what would have been Christmas Day, Peter, now a child of God, celebrates in a unique way.



  • The Christmas story from Matthew and Luke can be woven easily into the story

  • This one-chapter story can be divided into two chapters

  • A memory verse is printed on the back covers


1.  Illustration Pages 1-16, for "Holland's Missing Christmas"

2.  Page 1, 2 - Story of "Holland's Missing  Christmas"

3.  Back Covers - Memory Verse 2 Corinthians 8"9

Holland's Missing Christmas

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