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 Visualized Bible Series :
Illustrated Bible stories that teach Bible lessons and doctrinal truths. Flexible, adaptable, easy to use, vivid artwork, extra activities included.
Exploring God's World

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 Old Testament Series
 New Testament Series

John Bunyan's PILGRIM'S PROGRESS Visualized - In this adaptation from John Bunyan’s classic work, children are challenged by the life-changing spiritual truths of Pilgrim’s journey to the Celestial City. $14.95

A Miracle for SAMUELITO a story of Mexico - Based on a true story by Kathryn Swartz, the missionary in the story. A nice lady steps off of the bus one day to find Samuelito ready to shine shoes. He is earning money so that someday he can go to school. The message she has for him using the "little book of colors" will change Samuelito's life and that of his family.
6 chapters, 40 Full-Color illustrations in 9" x 12" format, English Lesson text plus student activities.


A LITTLE RASCAL Who Became a Man of God - The true story of Anthony T. Rossi - Reading the Bible changed Tony’s rascally heart. His creative genius led to success in industry as Founder of Tropicana®. What he did with his wealth will challenge kids in this materialistic age. Teaches salvation, stewardship and missions.  $10.95

DOMING, The Popsicle Boy ~ A story of the Philippines - Christian and Muslim worlds collide in this riveting account of a young Filipino boy. Will fear of grandfather's threats to kill Christians keep Doming from becoming a follower of Jesus? 10 chapters, 40 full-color illustrations, Extra Activities!  $14.95

Ly Huy's Escape A Story of Vietnam - This mission story follows Ly Huy and his sister as they escape from soldiers, endure hunger and loneliness, are introduced to the Saviour, and are reunited with their mother. 24 full- color illustrations, 5 chapters; Map and Memory Verse poster, Student life application activities included.   $14.95

NATHAN Finds New Life in Jerusalem - Feel the tension as a Jewish boy is completed and how Nathan learns that the Messiah has come!  Drama, Jewish customs, and doctrinal teaching abound in this story.  Inside:  10 chapters, 40 illustrations, Glossary, Nathan's New Life Song.  $11.95

John and Betty Stam - Missionary Martyrs to China - The stirring story of this missionary couple, martyred in China in 1934, shows God's guidance from childhood to mission field; emphasizes salvation, growth and service. 25 full-color illustrations; Includes Epilogue, a pronunciation guide, and extra activities for each chapter.   $14.95

Praying Hyde - by Rose-Mae Carvin -A brightly illustrated missionary biography (John Hyde, missionary to India) that will encourage children to action, hopefully creating a desire in them to have daily contact with God.   5 chapters, 24 colored illustrations, teacher tips, and extra activities. 8 1/2" x 11"   $14.95

Ladi and White-White:   2 Illustrated Stories of AFrica -  Two one chapter visualized stories.

LADI - by Frances F. Harling and W. Claire Greiner - Because of a broken arm, one hears the Gospel from the Missionary Lady, trusts Christ and becomes a bright witness in her own home, leading her father to receive Christ. Story will encourage children to be witnesses to family and friends.

WHITE-WHITE - by Frances F. Harling and Claire U. Mouillesseaux - A touching story of an African shepherd's sacrifice for his lost lamb, clearly portraying Christ's sacrifice for us.   $11.95

Laraba and Audu:   2 Illustrated Stories of Africa - Two true one-chapter visualized stories.

LARABA - by Frances F. Harling and W. Claire Greiner - After disobedience, Laraba finds forgiveness from her father. Portrays God's love in dealing with His children.

AUDU - Janet Cranston - The young African boy first heard the Gospel at the leprosarium where his father was a patient. When he had to return to the hospital because he, too, got leprosy, he learned more about Jesus. His eagerness to know Jesus, his persecution, and his learning to read make this true story an exciting account.   $11.95

24 Realistic, colored illustrations, 10" x 14"

Salvation in the South Seas: A Story of Fiji - A fire-walking ceremony, sea worm festival, and an overturned canoe bring a young Fijian girl to Christ.  Realistic illustrations give children a true picture of life on the island.  5 chapters, 20 colored illustrations, teacher tips, and extra activities. 10" x 14"  $9.95

Sher-Shah - A true story of a young girl in India who faced terrible danger and gave her life for her village. Lesson challenges and illustrates the need for giving our lives for missionary work and clearly presents salvation through Christ on Calvary.  Sure to keep the "wigglers" attention. 8 1/2" x 11" spiral bound book with full page color pictures. 20 pages.   $5.95

Boy Afraid - A Visualized Story  - By Rose-Mae Carvin - Fear of the dark gives goose bumps to 6- year-old Johnny!  Grandma's bedtime talk leads Johnny to the Lord.  Great for young children!  1 chapter, 18 color-illustrations, extra activities, 10" by 14"   $9.95

Fanny Crosby - The Blind Poet - A Visualized Story - By Doris Stuber Moose, Karen E. Weitzel - This 8-chapter story of a young blind girl will captivate all who hear it.  How Fanny became one of America's well known songwriters shows what God can do with a life wholly yielded to Him.  24 colored illustrations, extra activities, 10" by 14"   $14.95


The Walking Umbrella/Antonio of Brazil - Visualized Stories -By Rose Mae Carvin - An African boy in Delaware uses an umbrella with the colors of the wordless book to explain salvation.


Antonio, a boy in Brazil, tells the Gospel to friends by using the story of the Walking Umbrella.  20 full color illustrations, song, 10" by 14"  $9.95


Where The River Begins - A Visualized Story - By Patricia St. John - Follow Francis as he explores a river, encounters a gang and meets a family who shows him God's love.  The Gospel is clearly presented and its power is seen in Francis' changed life.  5 chapters, 25 colored illustrations, extra activities, 10" by 14"  $9.95

Whiter Than Snow - A Visualized Story - A STORY OF SWITZERLAND - By Patricia St. John - Annette's hatred of Luien because of what he did to Dani leads to revenge.  5 chapters, 40 colored illustrations, extra activities.  10" by 14" $14.95

Holland's Missing Christmas - A Visualized Story - By Rose-Mae Carvin - When Christmas is taken off the calendar, Peter is not disturbed until he learns the significance of Christ's birth. He then leads his whole village in worshiping the Saviour.  1 chapter, 16 colored illustrations, memory verse, 10" by 14"  $9.95

Penny and the Christmas Star - By Helen Frazee-Bower -  Penny learns from the Wise Men that the King desires the love of her heart, her prayers and her obedience.   Encourages dedication.


How Turea Kept Christmas - By Patricia M. St. John - Visualized Stories - Turea, a girl in Morocco, turns her back on Islam to serve the living and true God and "keeps Christmas." Stresses witnessing.  2 chapters, 24 colored illustrations, 10" by 14"  $10.95