by N.A. Woychuk, M.A., Th.D

Are we doing enough for the infants and toddlers? A tender, yet compelling, appeal to parents and caregivers of infants and young children to diligently teach the Scriptures. Gives the why, when and how to train the young in memorizing and learning God's Word.

Beautifully illustrated.

A precious shower gift for a mother-to-be, a "must" resource for parents of young children and teachers in early childhood education.

Spiral-bound, paperback book measures 48 pages,  7" x 10"

Bible Forget-Me-Nots

Qty: Price: $12.95

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Pages 3-11 - The Infancy Connection: Here is stated what God is teaching us about the memorizing of Scripture by infants from the very time of birth.

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Pages 12-31 - Ten Bible Verses to be memorized, with color illustrations, and "little lights" which relate to the verses.   See example below

Pages 32-48 - Further illuminations on the Bible verses. Here you will find a reduced copy of the main color illustrations, a helpful commentary on the verses, a few songs, poems, stories and more.

Also included is a sheet with "Hints for Using Bible Forget-Me-Nots."


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