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Under Loving Command - formerly Children-Fun or Frenzy?  By Al and Pat Fabrizio


Not long ago our three and one half year old son prayed, "Lord help me to look at your eyes and do what you say."  I thought how beautifully he expressed Psalm 32:8,9, "I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you shall go: I will guide you with my eye.  Be not as the horse, or as the mule, which have no understanding; Whose mouth must be held in with bit and bridle."  This is the kind of response we desire from our own lives toward God.....

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Under Loving Command; Children, Fun or Frenzy

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Hijos, Alegria o Alboroto?

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How'd you find us?  I found your old brochure that was given to me 25 years ago in my attic. It is tattered and torn and has drawings on it by one of my kids probably made during church. I remembered how helpful it was to me, and wondered if it was still in print. I googled the original title and found your website! I cannot wait to pass the newer copies on to my grown children!    Valerie R.
I loved this book! I read it in 1980 and literally once a week to once a month for many years when we were raising our children. It kept me focused on raising our children by God's way and not man's way. Now my children are grown and beginning to have their children and I want to pass it on to them. Thanks for putting all the scriptures about raising children into a little booklet that can be read easily over and over  to keep us parents focused and disciplined ourselves.                          Darlene S.

I am so happy to find this booklet is still in print. I bought 2 in Hilo, Hawaii in 1975. It's the best!    Sherry A.

This book was a great asset to us when we raised our children. Now that we are in leadership in our church we are finding others needing the advice written in this book. New name or not, we are thankful the book is still available and actually was very simple to find on the web.   Thanks again Cliff W.

This booklet is excellent. I have given it out through the years, and parents have learned to discipline their children.  Joyce

We read this booklet 31 years ago and raised 3 children who love and serve Christ. It gave us a great foundation.     Ralph M.

I am soooo excited about finding this in print!  And I very much appreciated the comments from Mr. Fabrizio about the intentions of the booklet.  Our homes must indeed be a haven!!     Joanne

I'm grateful to have found this booklet again. I am anxious to give to my daughters and pass on to other young mothers. It's so simple yet so profound. 

Vivian R.

I'm so happy I have found this book!!! (again). I read it  33 years ago, trained my 4 children this way, have 4 children that love Christ....Thank you for your wisdom and insight into "Godly, children rearing" 

Merrily B.

I am so excited to find this little pamphlet.  Read it 30 years ago and implemented it's suggestions for my own children.  I now have 5 grandchildren and want my children to read this - plus many other families who will benefit.  Thank you.   Pat G.

I read this book in the 70's when my children were very small.  It changed my life and the 4 boys. They have grown into beautiful young men and gave me then  and now much respect and honor because of correct discipline. 

Roberta M.

Our 1st 20 we ordered for the church went quickly.  Parents that used this in the '70's raising their children are now getting it for their children to help in raising their grandchildren.  We were so excited to find it again.  Thanks, Barb I read your booklet in the late 70's, and began to apply the godly principles you laid out so clearly.  While raising our twin daughters I have had many opportunities to teach about child rearing.  It is still the best booklet on the market.  Now 28 yrs. later, girls are grown, married, and serving the Lord with great passion.  A lot of the credit goes toward the information in this booklet.  I still read it as I continue to teach mom's to train their children.  Thank you! Suzie 
In the 70s and 80s, I raised my kids the Children, Fun or Frenzy? way! I have not been able to locate this resource, and am thrilled to find it once again ... I have grandchildren that need the firm discipline and love that this little pamphlet advocates.   Mabel

A word of warning  The primary message of this booklet is to relate to parents our struggle in learning to obey instructions in Scripture from a loving Heavenly Father. Therefore it is a word shared specifically from our experience rather than a technique or method for child rearing. For that, more than these few words would need to be written.

Throughout our experiences we always felt the assurance of our Father's loving attentiveness even during our reluctance to obey. We wanted to give our children the same assurance as we began to train them. Whatever lessons we learned were never intended to gain power over our children in order to manipulate and control their lives. The rod, training, or any form of discipline should never become license for arbitrary commands for the parent's benefit, nor should the home become authoritarian, cold, or militant.

Of all the places on this earth's troubled globe, home must become that place where a child knows throughout his life he will always find unconditional support, love, and forgiveness.., a refuge where his heart, mind, and hopes can find full expression.., a place of pleasant histories where his soul has become a storehouse full of good memories and gratefulness for his parents' loving and gentle care.

¡ª Al Fabrizio

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