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Author: James S. and Velma Kiefer

Artist: Adrian Beerhorst



Hudson Taylor

Five-Part Flashcard Story of the Apostle to Inland China

Inspire children to be witnesses for Christ through this five-chapter true story of God’s faithfulness to Hudson Taylor as he journeyed to China, encountered difficulties there and influenced a hundred other missionaries to follow him.      

40  Flashcards, 9 ½” x 13”
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Story Background

Chapter 1 - The Boy's Desire

Chapter II - The Young Man's Faith

Chapter III - The Young Missionary's Journey

Chapter IV - The Missionary's Reward

Chapter V - The Missionary's Faith Proved

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Hudson Taylor,

Apostle to Inland China


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Story Background 

     Marshall Broomhall, subtitled his biography of Taylor The Man Who Believed God.  In contrast, after 30 years of faithful ministry in China, Taylor humbly said of himself, "God chose me because I was weak enough.  God does not do his great works by large committees.  He trains somebody to be quiet enough, and then He uses him."  Nevertheless, Taylor's life was without doubt one of extraordinary trust and dependence on God.

          Hudson was sick so often as a child that he was unable to attend school until he was 11 years old.   At age 13 he became his druggist father's apprentice and at age 17 trusted Christ as his Savior.  Soon after his salvation he sensed God's call to China and began preparing by studying the Bible, languages and medicine.  He sailed for China in 1853 and experienced God's protection and provision as he preached, taught and treated the sick.  He established the China Inland Mission in 1865.  Between 1865 and the Communist takeover of China in 1949, scores of missionaries went to China under the leadership of the China Inland Mission.

          Mainland China, with a population of 800 million, has been closed to all missionaries since 1949.  Christians in mainland China have suffered and many have died as they have remained true to the Lord Jesus Christ.  Multitudes there have never seen a copy of God's Word.

          Though China has remained closed to missionaries, it has not been closed to God!  Bibles, long hidden and buried, have been found and are being read in China today. Through means of radio and literature and by the witness of faithful Chinese Christians, Christ is being preached.  with great expectancy, missionaries are preparing to one again enter mainland China.

         Will you pray for an open door for missionaries to enter the land?  Will you pray that the hearts of the Chinese people will be prepared to receive the Savior?  Can you believe God-as Hudson Taylor did-enough to thank Him for the answer?  "And all things, whatsoever you ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive" (Matt. 21:22).

          Though not operating on the mainland, the mission which Hudson Taylor founded (now called Overseas Missionary Fellowship or OMF International) has continued through the years to send missionaries to reach the Chinese in other countries of Asia.

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