Published by Child Evangelism Press

Author: Lois Hoadley Dick

Artist: Lynette Lombard

Dare children to accept the challenge of living for God through this five-chapter story on the life of missionary Amy Carmichael. The true story is sure to impact the children you teach. Helps for the teacher include introductions for each lesson, special background information, 20 full-color 8 x 11 flannelgraph flocked figures, suggested songs, review questions, thought questions, mission helps and take-home projects.     

I Dare

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Table of Contents

How to Lead a Child to Christ, Page 2

How to Lead a Child to Consecration, Page 2

Part One: Isn't No and Answer? , Page 3

Part Two: Even Little Children, Page 7

Part Three: Things That Are Eternal, Page 11

Part Four: It Is Enough to Ask the Father, Page 15

Part Five: Protection Unseen, Page 19

Mission Helps, Page 23, Alphabet of Missions Ideas,  Call a Missionary, Missionary Quiz Time, Learning Centers

Take Home Projects-VIP Missionary Prayer Wheel


An Excerpt from Part I

After Amy had been in India a short time, she stayed overnight with an Indian Christian who had a small house near a thirty-foot high temple wall. Amy tried to sleep but could not as she listened to the soft crying sounds drifting over the wall -- little children crying in fear, crying in loneliness.  She walked up and down in the moonlight outside the house.  Then she knelt down under the tamerind tree and it seemed as though the Lord Jesus came and knelt beside her.  "Oh, Lord," she prayed. "Do you mean that I should try to rescue those temple children?  Leave my traveling and teaching and working with adults who are lost?  Turn nursemaid and baby-sitter?"  She knew she must, there was no question of refusing when God was speaking to her heart.  But how?  How?

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