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Run, Ma, Run
Flashcard Biography of Mary Slessor, Missionary to Calabar

   The true story of missionary Mary Slessor who bravely went alone to the mysterious land of Nigeria to help the people turn from witchcraft to Christ.  This powerful five-chapter story teaches children about God’s mighty power and is an eye-opening challenge to them about missions.

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How to Use this Missiongram

From the Author

How to Lead a Child to Christ

How to Lead a Child to Consecration

Chapter 1 - That Magic Word Calabar

Chapter II - The Call of the Jungle

Chapter III - Three Chiefs of Okoyong

Chapter IV - Witchcraft and Palavers

Chapter V - The Long Juju

Review Questions for each chapter

Run, Ma, Run
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From the Author: "You cannot argue or reason people onto the mission field," said Mary Slessor. "The only way is to set an example and show them."  And so she set the example!

          Born in 1848 in the slums of Aberdeen, Scotland, Mary was destined to rule as a "queen" over thousands of tribal people in Africa.  She was their adored "Ma" by common consent and a local magistrate by authority of British law.

          Her education consisted of reading, writing, a little arithmetic and a great deal of Bible study.  As far as training, her childhood, teens and twenties were spent tending a loom, a machine for weaving thread into cloth.  She worked in a mill twelve hours a day, six days a week.  Miserable, heartbreaking, monotonous years.

          But "God can make holy and useful lives from the ordinary," she was fond of saying.

          Mary's ideas and her calls from God frequently went against the strict rules of the mission, but the people there came to understand that she was submitting to a higher authority. Mary was obeying the voice of God.  Her only explanation-"The secret of all failure is disobedience."

          Some people called her eccentric, not knowing of the suffering and trials which she had survived.  She suffered chronic malaria and boils and was in pain and had fever much of the time.  Though slight and thin she worked at backbreaking physical labor.  Mary had a will of steel, with a saving sense of humor.  Love for Christ and her strong sense of duty led her on and made her what she was.  "When two duties seem to clash or jostle each other." she reminded herself," one o them is not a duty."

          By her enthusiasm, self-sacrifice and greatness of character she earned the devotion of the Nigerian tribes and the esteem of all Europeans.

          Her titles of "Ma," "Queen of the Cannibals," "Everybody's Mother" and "The Great Mother" were earned and given to her by others.

          "Run, Ma, Run!" is the story of a missionary who was on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. She ran to save new born twins from being murdered.   She ran to prevent tribal wars,  She ran alone over jungle trails at night, often after two hours of sleep and with a high fever.  She ran the race and obtained the prize in 1915 when she died on the mission field literally worn out from " running."

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