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Here you will find a variety of unique visual aids to capture the attention of children of all ages.
Whether a simple story, flannel board lesson, or a song, these items will help you present the wonderful Gospel Story in fresh new ways!


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 Esther - Although the name of God does not appear in this fascinating book of the Old Testament, the hand of God is evident.  The historical account of the book is well presented in pictures and message, but it is the spiritual application and the element of surprise that make this lesson most effective. 8 1/2" x 11" paper-back spiral bound book has ten short chapters, each with a full page picture that can be removed to show a second picture underneath to use with the provided application. $5.95
 Peter: Five Bible Stories - A series of five lessons on the life of Peter shows how he relied on the real Rock, Christ Jesus, and received power for witness. Twenty full page pictures in an 8 1/2" x 11" paper-back spiral bound book. $8.95
 "St. Peter, Apostle": A Visualized Song - An illustrated chorus to use in conjunction with the lesson of the life of Peter. The first two pages are music sheets with 5 verses of the song. Next 15 pages have large easy-read type and a picture to help the children sing along. 8 1/2" x 11" paper-back spiral bound book. $2.95
 Peter Coloring Sheets - Coloring sheets with memory verses in a paper booklet with five different pictures. Each picture corresponds with one of the lessons from Peter: Five Bible Stories or a verse from "St. Peter, Apostle." Booklet measures 5 1/2" x 8 1/2. $0.95

 Gospel Story Bookmark -  God's special love story told in familiar colors.  Front gives picture, Scripture reference, and space for book owner's name.  Reverse side gives a brief explanation.  Ideal for gifts, awards, visitation, evangelism, and one-on-one witnessing. 
Great Class Gifts too! Measures 7 1/2" x 1 3/4"   
$2.00 per pack of 10

 Teacher's Wordless Book - Large 8 1/2" x 11" spiral bound. Tell the Gospel story by colors. Teacher use sheet enclosed of "How To" story for each page. Tell the message of salvation to a child or class with your Bible and this book. A wonderful tool to touch hearts for Jesus Christ. $2.25
 Tract with Tiny Wordless Book - A little tract entitled "A Free Gift For You!" that will attract any child's interest. A small tract unfolds to tell the Gospel story by colors with a delightful surprise tucked inside! A wonderful soul-winning tool. A great remembrance or gift for every child in your class or reward for memory work or other job well done. $2.00 (package of 10)
 Wordless Book Visualized - Each beautifully illustrated flashcard lesson focuses on one Wordless Book color - gold (God's love and perfect heavenly home), dark (sin and God's punishment), red (God's one way of salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ), clean (receiving God's gift of new life in Christ), and green (growing as a believer in Christ). (Ages 5-12 with instruction on adapting for preschoolers) Spiral-bound, 40 Flashcards, 9 ½Ħħ x 13Ħħ, English text $19.99
Wordless Book Song - Visualized Song The Wordless Book Gospel tool has been used around the world to lead thousands of children to Christ.  Now teach the basics in a song!  Gold, black, red, white and green clearly illustrate Gospel truths for children of all ages.  Eight full-color pages 10" by 13" with two copies of wordless book song inserted in book, and additional printing of song on back page of book. $7.49
 Gospel Gloves - Here's a creative idea!  These plastic gloves use Wordless Book colors plus pictures and corresponding verses to tell the salvation story.  Give a glove to each child and encourage him to use it to tell his friends about Jesus' love.  $1.25 each or $10.99 for packet of 12

 Stop - These red stop signs remind children to stop and witness to others.  Inspire the children in your neighborhood to share the good news of Jesus Christ!  Two two-color signs with wooden sticks for mounting.  Two copies of sheet music for Stop-Go-Watch song included  along with instructions for teaching the song.  Each sign is 13 3/4" by 13 3/4" hexagonal. $6.49

 Go - Go and tell the story!  Green road signs with wooden sticks for mounting remind children to go and share the Gospel with others.  Kids will love this unique visual and song!  Two  two-color signs with wooden sticks for mounting..  Two copies of sheet music for Stop-Go-Watch song included  along with instructions for teaching the song.  Each sign is 13 3/4" by 13 3/4" hexagonal. $6.49

 Nothing But The Blood - Nothing but the blood of Jesus can wash away our sin.  Share this timeless message with a unique visual that unfolds to form a large cross!  Two-color cross. 25" by 32". Instructions to prepare included along with sheet music. $6.49 Temporarily Out of Stock
 Transformation - The life cycle of a butterfly beautifully illustrates salvation and the transformation the Lord Jesus Christ brings in a life.  Great spiritual truths as well as a good lesson in science. These illustrated ovals work in the teacher's hands with story or even as a bulletin board in the classroom. (Temporarily Out of Stock)
 The "I Am" Series: The Bread of Life - This visualized story lesson teaches God's provision of manna in the Old Testament, yet every aspect of its relationship to the Hebrew children illustrates the work of Christ in the New Testament.  Full color pictures in an 8 1/2" x 11" paper-back spiral bound book for easy use. Simply fold the book and read the story as the children view the picture on the opposite page. $5.95
 The "I Am" Series: The Good Shepherd - This visualized story lesson portrays in full color the occupation of the oriental shepherd. The redemptive ministry of the Lord is graphically portrayed, as the shepherd gives his life for his sheep. The response of the sheep to their shepherd's love is also demonstrated so that young and old alike can understand and make a personal commitment to the Good Shepherd. Full color pictures in an 8 1/2" x 11" paper-back spiral bound book. $5.95
 The "I Am" Series: I Am the Way, The Truth, and The Life - This lesson shows God's initial love to man, man's rebellion and the painful way of the cross to bring man to His love. 12 Brightly illustrated 8 inch circles and large heart oval (pictured at left) for flannel graph or flash card presentation. Includes booklet with lesson to read aloud as you change pictures. $5.95

 BELLS (The Message of Life Series) - The fascinating story of how bells are made, their beauty, importance, and essential qualities.  Vivid truth of the Gospel and Christian character in our lives.  Psalm 71:8.  Will make children think when they hear a bell! $5.95

 God's Christmas Gift (The Message of Life Series) - The joys and decorations of Christmas children love teach the true meaning of Christmas and remind them of God's Christmas gift.  "Thanks to God for his unspeakable gift." (II Cor. 9:15)  $5.95

 The Pilgrims' Story (The Message of Life Series) - Through great struggle, conflict and sacrifice, the Pilgrims stood for conscience and the Word of God.  That brought them across the "great water" at great cost for a cause greater than themselves, that of Christ, the truth and the Gospel.  Their deeds and weapons teach of salvation and the Christian walk.  $5.95
Seven Last Words (The Message of Life Series)- The last utterances of our Lord on the cross form the basis for this excellent lesson. Especially good for Easter, but its message is timely at any season. His words of Forgiveness, Salvation, Affection, Anguish, Suffering, Victory, and Contentment bring precious truths for unsaved and also believers. (Book can be divided into seven shorter lessons.)  $5.95
 The Shepherds (The Message of Life Series)- A Bible lesson for Christmastime. Full-color lesson of eight circles. The shepherds, chosen of God to be the first human witnesses of the incarnation, were faithful in telling others of this wonderful event. So too, the Word of God sheds abroad in our hearts the story of salvation that needs to be shared with our friends and neighbors. Vividly points unsaved children to the Christ of Christmas and speaks to believers of the need of sharing the Good News. "You shall be my witnesses."  $5.95