Barney's Barrel

Touching story of a poor homeless boy with no home but a barrel.  Through a faithful worker, he is brought to know the Lord Jesus as Savior.  Becoming quite sick, he is found by a policeman and taken to a hospital.  Before dying, he tells two nurses and a doctor how to be saved.


Barney's Barrel

Qty: Price: $5.95


El Barril de Alberto

Qty: Price: $5.95

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  • Complete, Illustrated Gospel Story

  • Lithographed in Attractive Colors Presenting the Gospel to the Children in a Unique, Gripping Manner, "Visual Aid Type"

  • Size 8 1/2" by 11"

  • Full Instructions for Teacher's Use

For use in teaching Children at Home, Sunday School,  Children's Church, Youth Groups,  Vacation Bible School, Child Evangelism Classes, "Open Air" Work,   Hospital Visitation,  Bus Evangelism, and Christian Schools. 

A wonderful gift that keeps on giving to children!

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