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Living Stories Series

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Baby Chick - And Me - Two Stories in one book.  First story, Salvation message.  Second story for Christian growth.  Shows Baby Chick a "prisoner" in his shell until hatched,  illustrating each of us a "prisoner" of sin until released by Salvation.  Lesson 2 deals with Christian growth through growth of Chick by proper  "feeding" and lessons by the mother hen. 

Barney's Barrel - Touching story of a poor homeless boy with no home but a barrel.  Through a faithful worker, he is brought to know the Lord Jesus as Savior.  Becoming quite sick, he is found by a policeman and taken to a hospital.  Before dying, he tells two nurses and a doctor how to be saved.
**Available in Spanish**

Bobby's Lunch - Schoolroom scene at lunch time.  One child demonstrates real Christian love and consideration toward another child by sharing his lunch with him, after others had sneered and scoffed at him.

Crippled Tom - Touching story of a crippled boy confined to a dreary attic room.  Longing for a Bible, he spent all his money to buy one.  Reading his Bible, he learns to know God's way of salvation and received Jesus as his Savior from sin.  In spite of his handicaps, he became an earnest worker for the Lord Jesus and the effect of his service reached even to the mission field of Central Africa!

Donna's Missionary Offering - Desiring to do her best to give a very special missionary offering in the Sunday School, Donna tries to think of ways to earn extra money.  She repeatedly meets with disappointment.  However, through it all she faithfully serves the Lord and he wonderfully rewards her through her witness and surprises her by giving her $50.00 from an unexpected source.  Teaches consecration and giving our all to the Lord.

Franny's Nest - A timely lesson stressing the vital importance of the Bible,  God's Holy Word, and having the Lord Jesus Christ as the SOLID FOUNDATION for our lives.  Cleverly illustrated by two robins, "FRANNY" and "FANCY".  "FANCY" builds her nest of  flimsy "Modern" materials, with little effort.   "FRANNY" builds her nest of  SOLID materials.  When the storms came, "FANCY'S" nest is destroyed, while "FRANNY'S" nest is SECURE and withstands the test.

Goldie's Choice - A mother hen refused to allow farmer's wife to shoo her and her brood into a coop to get out of a storm but sought shelter under a tree.  After the storm, it was discovered a snake was in the coop and had eaten all the chicks that were put into the coop.  Shows the wisdom of fleeing from the enemy to the cross (tree) of Christ.

His Hands - A small boy refused to play with other children because his hands are deformed.  His whole attitude toward life is changed as an understanding teacher tells him of the Savior's wounded hands.  Then, receiving Jesus as his Savior, he finds courage to tell friends and playmates of Jesus and His love and care. **Available in Spanish**

Jimmie and the Atheist - Jimmie, caught in his burning home, is saved by an atheist at the risk of his own life.  Jimmie, in turn, is used to bring his benefactor to the Lord Jesus Christ.  Good salvation message.
**Available in Spanish**

JoAnn and Ruthie - Story of three playmates, two of whom had received Jesus as Savior and were anxious for their friend to receive Him too, but they didn't quite know how to explain the way to her.  Bringing JoAnn to Ruthie's sister, Marie, who has been to Bible School, Marie uses the Gospel Nut to explain the way of salvation, and JoAnn receives the Savior, too.  A splendid story to inspire children to b faithful witnesses.
** Available in Spanish**

Kevin Learns To Obey - Kevin had the very bad habit of replying "just a minute" to every request made of him.  His parents had tried hard, but without success, to help him break this bad habit.  One day it backfired on Kevin, and through suffering a keen disappointment, he learns the hurt that comes though disobedience.  With God's help he promises to try to always obey promptly when spoken to.  This is a needed lesson for these days.

Kidnapped - A lesson very relevant to our time when so many shocking things are happening to our children.  It teaches VICTORY in difficult circumstances as Jerry, the wrong kidnap victim, shows faith and courage as he is enabled to apply Scripture teachings he has learned since becoming a Christian.  As he has shared his faith with his friend Steve, the intended victim in the kidnapping, both boys learn VICTORY IN JESUS through this trying experience in their lives.

Little Boat Twice Owned - A little boy loses his boat which he has made with his own hands.  Later, finding it for sale in a second hand store, he empties his bank and buys it back.  This story will help the child to quickly grasp the truth that God made us, then sin separated us from Him, and He bought us back when He paid for our sin by dying on the cross for us.
**Available in Spanish**

Little Red Hen - Children are touched by the illustrated story of the little Red Hen.  Sensing danger from an onrushing prairie fire, she gathers her chicks beneath her, loses her own life in the fire, but protects her brood from harm.  One little chick that did not come to the mother is lost.  Lesson in the substitutionary sacrifice of the Lord Jesus for us.
**Available in Spanish**

Louise's Prayer - God answers a simple prayer of a small child, revealing His care for those who trust Him in the small things as well as the big things.  Story is a real inspiration to trust and prayer.  (Information has come to us that Louise, now grown, with a continuing faith and trust in God, is now a missionary in South America). **Available in Spanish**

MISS BUMP - A little girl, daughter of a missionary in China, after quite a struggle, decides to give her dearest loved rag dolly as her best gift to Jesus, in giving it to be used as a gift at the Christmas party for orphan children.  Sweet and touching lesson in obtaining victory over self and giving our best to the Lord Jesus. Good at Christmas, but may be used anytime to teach victorious living, as well as missions.

Sammy Finds A Friend - Sammy was discouraged and lonely.  Finding a stray puppy, he takes it home, but his parents don't give permission for him to keep it permanently. However, through some exciting circumstances the puppy, by now named Pogo, earns the right to be a part of the family and he and Sammy become inseparable friends.  Salvation message through learning Jesus is our very best Friend and wants to be our Savior from sin.

Snowflake - "Snowflake", a self-willed lamb, got into trouble and was rescued by the shepherd.  The skillful teacher can use this story either to show the way of salvation, or to show our need of discipline in obedience as saved children. **Available in Spanish**

Three Thrillers - Three stories in one book for use on the flannelgraph.  (1) "BOY INSIDE HIS CLOTHES" in a graphic way teaches the importance of a steadfast Christian testimony.  (2) "FOOLISH FROG" is a lesson in the folly of procrastination.  (3) "HE TOOK MY WHIPPING" very aptly illustrates the substitutionary work of Christ, when one child volunteers to bear the punishment of the one who broke a school rule.

Tim's Temper - A Christian lad loses his temper and in so doing realizes he has hurt his testimony for Christ.  Discovering he cannot find victory over sin other than through the power of the Holy Spirit working in him, he confesses his sin; then not only knows the Lord's forgiveness, but is able to win others to the Savior as they see he has Someone in his life that they would like to know, too.
**Available in Spanish**

Twice Blind - A true story of a Navajo lad who became blind at an early age.  The teachings of the missionaries help him adjust to his physical blindness and to learn that everyone suffers from spiritual blindness and needs the remedy God provided through His Son to heal that blindness.  Receiving Christ as Savior, his life is changed completely, and today, as God continues to teach him, he is happily witnessing to the Navajos about Jesus Christ, and desires only that God's perfect plan be worked out in his life.
**Available in Spanish**

The Wise Little Bird - In time of great danger to the life of its mate and young, a wise little bird is seen covering its nest with a twig of red leaves, the touch of which was deadly poison to the approaching snake. Every child should see these pictures and be told how God covers with the precious blood of Jesus, all who receive Him as Savior.  **Available in Spanish**

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From the Living Stories Inc. Pamphlet:  The "ILLUSTRATED GOSPEL STORY" series of booklets first came into being in the early forties with only several lessons at that time.  They comprised the wholesale division of  THE BIBLE SUPPLY STATION in Topeka, Kansas which was owned and operated by Rev. and Mrs. W. H. Werner.  Over the next several years other story lessons were added until 13 were included in this series and since most of them were authored by Mrs. Floyd McCague, the became known as "The McCague Lessons".  In the late fifties the wholesale division became separate from the retail portion of the Bible Supply Station and became known at that time as LIVING STORIES, Inc.  From the early sixties until 2012, the stories new two more owners. From time to time additional titles have been added and are now known exclusively as "LIVING STORIES." The Children's Bible Club was able to purchase all rights in 2012 and now we are the official distributors of this wonderful set. 

With the exception of "THREE THRILLERS", which is a flannelgraph lesson, each of the booklets is flashcard type, with the lesson text so arranged on the back of each illustration so that they are convenient and easy to use by even inexperienced teachers.  God has been pleased to use these simple lesson stories in various ministries wherever a child, or children are to be found.  As additional lessons are produced, it is our earnest prayer that God will make us "instruments of righteousness" in His hands, to desire and follow only His leading that His name may be glorified in each one, through Salvation and Spiritual growth of Boys and  Girls throughout the world