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Lyrics in both English and Spanish. Teaches Gospel truths: Jesus died on the cross and rose from the grave. Children can serve their Savior, Lord, and King.  Eight large full-color pages. $9.99

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing - It is said that this beautiful Christmas hymn is the most widely published of the some 6,5000 hymns written by Charles Wesley and his brothers. This hymn clearly defines the reason for Christ's birth: to reconcile God and mankind, and to transform sinners through the new birth. Two-color 10" x 14" illustrations for three stanzas plus teaching notes and sheet music.  $8.95


I believe the Bible   I Believe the Bible - Visualized Song This little classic song presents basic truths about the Bible and God's Son in a memorable way.  The simple words and pictures for the five stanzas make the song appropriate for any age.  Eight full-color pages. OUT OF STOCK
 O Little Town of Bethlehem - A Visualized Christmas Hymn. Three stanzas, plus teaching notes, sheet music
and pattern for miniature song tract. This popular carol shares both the wonder of Christ's incarnation as well as an invitation to young and old to come to Christ. Large full color illustrations with easy-to-see words. $8.95
   Take My Life and Let It Be - A Visualized Gospel Hymn. A Hymn of consecration. Large full-color illustrations with easy-to-see words. Teaching text and music included. Also a pattern to photocopy a miniature song for each child. Delightful take-home token. $9.95 
image  There Is No Name So Sweet On Earth - A Visualized Gospel Song. Two-color Illustrations.  Bold, easy-to-use lettering. Helpful notes for teachers and sheet music included. Large 10"x 14" format for easy viewing.  $8.95

 Trust and Obey - The familiar song beautifully illustrated to help children grasp its meaning.  Full Color Illustrations.  Bold, easy-to-use lettering. Helpful notes for teachers. Pattern for miniature song for each child and memory verse pattern. 9"x 12"  $9.95

 The Light of the World is Jesus - Full color illustrations. Bold, easy-to-use lettering.  Helpful notes for teachers. Pattern for miniature song for each child. 9"x 12"  $9.95
 God Will Take Care Of You - This hymn teaches about the merciful, loving provision of God for His children, no matter what circumstances they may find themselves in.  It includes color illustrations for four stanzas plus chorus in 9"x12" format, sheet music, teaching notes, and miniature song tract.   $9.95
God Said, "I Love You" - A visualized gospel story song.  It has a clear message of God's love in Christ's birth, death and resurrection.  Four verses in bright color. 10"x 14".  $8.95
 Jesus Loves Even Me - Colorful classic children's song!  Brings the Word to life and is very useful for larger groups who are not yet familiar with the words. 9"x 12"   $9.95

 One Day - A VISUALIZED GOSPEL SONG -This visualized song will get children thinking about the return of the Lord Jesus one "glorious" day! Knowing about Jesus' return is fair warning if you are not ready; this song and lesson encourage children to get ready by inviting Jesus to be their Saviour. 22 pages of full color illustrations with the words of Philip P. Bliss' "One Day." Sheet music and miniature song pattern.   9" x 12"  $9.95

Who Is He In Yonder Stall? A VISUALIZED HYMN FOR CHRISTMAS AND EASTER -In four simple verses, this hymn covers Christ's birth, death, resurrection, and omniscience. 10" x 14" 24 two-color pages, sheet music and brief picture explanations included.  $9.95

 I Love to Tell the Story - A VISUALIZED GOSPEL SONG - Full color realistic illustrations, sheet  music, mini song strip to copy and give to each child, teaching suggestions for the meaning of each verse. Bonus lesson on back cover!   9" x 12"  $8.95

 Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us - A VISUALIZED GOSPEL SONG - Two page full-color  illustrations show the shepherd's care for the sheep and teach the Good Shepherd's tender care for His children.  Music sheets, teaching helps,    9" x 12" $9.95

Great is Thy Faithfulness - A VISUALIZED HYMN - A stirring hymn of worship and praise to our Heavenly Father for His power and steadfast faithfulness to us in creation, salvation, and provision.  Sheet music, explanation of meaning of each verse, and pattern for miniature copies of the song for each child included. Full color illustrations.    9"x12"  $8.95

O Word of God Incarnate - A VISUALIZED GOSPEL SONG - A hymn of praise and glory for Jesus Christ coming in the flesh for our redemption, for the gift of the written Word (Bible) and inspiring God's children to be loyal and faithful until Christ's return.  Sheet music and hymn explanation included.     Two color illustrations, 10"x14"  $8.95

Once in Royal David's City - A VISUALIZED CHRISTMAS HYMN - A lovely simple melody for this setting of the blessed Christmas story.  Sheet music and short explanation for children on the meaning of the verses included.     Two-color illustrations, 10" by 14"  $8.95

To God Be the Glory - A VISUALIZED GOSPEL SONG - Heart felt praise to God for redemption and all His wonderful works.  A classic by Fanny Crosby.  Sheet music and short explanation for children included.  Also pattern of miniature copy of song for each child. Two-color illustrations, 9" by 12"  $9.95

Wounded For Me - A VISUALIZED GOSPEL SONGEach verse (5) gives one step in the presentation of the Gospel (1 Cor. 15:3-4).  Sheet music and short explanation of the meaning of each verse of this inspiring song included.  Also pattern to make individual miniature copies for each child.    Colorful illustrations.  10" x14"  $9.95